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20 Facts about me.

So I was tagged by my friends Joni & Share to do this 20 facts on Instagram… but I’mma be doing it here since I don’t really like to post exceptionally long-ass posts on it.  

  1. My full name is Grace Ho Xue Ling. However prior to contrary belief, my chinese name is pronounced as “Xue Lin”. There’s no “G” in it. HAHA. 
  2. I’m well known to my friends as “Ah-lian”, “Hipster”, “Senpai”, “VSCO Senpai”, “Jie jie”. #simisai
  3. I need to have “To-Do lists” whenever I do my work, cos without any order in my life, my life will be a frenzy.
  4. I like to eat Carbohydrates-related food (like rice or noodles). 
  5. Christian. Nuff said. 
  6. I tend to shout alot, but I RARELY lose my voice. :)
  7. I tend to use VSCO, Afterlight, Snapseed and Squareready to edit my photos. 
  8. I’m a ISFJ, prior to contrary belief. 
  9. There are a couple of times where I would just like to stay at home/have the whole house to myself. Makes me feel safe, cos that’s my personal space. 
  10. My emotions are quite volatile sometimes, but I try my best to keep it under control as of now. 
  11. I’m quite blur. HAHA. 
  12. Budding aspiring photographer. Currently own a Canon EOS 60D, La Sardina and a Canon AE-1 Programme. 
  13. I listen to all kinds of genres of music, from classical (The Beatles), to punk rock (All Time Low), metal (Bullet for my Valentine, A7X), to Kpop (Super Junior), to Jpop (Abingdon Boys School), to orchestra related (Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra), to Christian music (Hillsong), to ANYTHING LA BASICALLY. 
  14. I can sleep up to 15 hours a day and STILL FEEL SLEEPY. 
  15. Tea > Coffee. Cos coffee makes me puke.
  16. Whenever I’m in a bus/MRT, i tend to not reply people’s texts. I just want to be in my own zone and listen to my music and reflect on things. 
  17. I once had a part of my hair green, then followed by purple. Wanted to go purple again but thanks to intern. 
  18. Gamer but put on hold cos I dont have a proper computer to game.
  19. I have a love-hate relationship with everything. 
  20. Even though my name is kinda old-fashioned, but I still love my name. It has a long story behind it. 

ok done. yay.

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